Na Naadena bina jñaanam
Na Naadena bina Shivam
Naadarupam param jyotih
Naada rupi svayam Harih

- Brihaddeshi, Matanga Muni

(Without naada or sound it is impossible to attain knowledge and without the same it is impossible to arrange the welfare of the creatures because the transcendental luminous self is in the form of sound and Brahman or Hari itself is sound)

In the yogic tradition and now also according to the modern science, the whole existence is considered as vibration or a sound. The perception of who you are is largely impacted and affected by the sounds you are subjected to and the way you experience them.

Naada Rasaayana is an offering, a space to understand, perceive and experience scared sounds. It is a journey to experience the different states of your being and the eternal silence within.

These sessions are a blend of ancient sound related techniques and practices of the east and the methods that Eshaan has devised over the years working with people in groups and individual setting. 

At Naada Rasaayana evenings we begin with the practice of Vaaka Shuddhi (Purification of speech) which is done by chanting a set of sounds with a certain intension. We further move to the methods to explore our voice in depth. This is done in group with rhythm and also freely and involves a series of exercises and body movements.


This heart opening vocal exploration is followed by a relaxing and rejuvenating sound bath session and the evening finally ends with an Indian classical raga music offering by Eshaan.