Sound plays a major role in our daily life. We perceive sound throughout the day in various ways but are mostly not present to the happening. We rarely bring our attention to the sound and really perceive it with full senses and heart. 

If we use sound and music not only for the sake of entertainment but for our practice of meditativeness and awareness, it can become a really powerful tool. With the help of music and sound we are able to effortlessly enter into a state of meditativeness and to experience self-centering, a re-connection with ourselves, with one another and eventually with the higher. 


Experimenting with and developing our voice has a major effect on our wellbeing, our self-confidence and on how we stand and move in the world. A regular voice and singing practice also opens the way for us to speak our truth in all aspects of life. 


Experimenting with the Indian scales and experimental, non-directive meditations with sound and with our own voice, as well as Mantra chanting and Kirtan give us an opportunity to explore and understand the human mind and emotions and to experience the divine grace expressing through us. 


Radha and Eshaan are offering different events and workshops, private guidance and tuitions on sound and meditativeness, such as


  • Sound Meditation, 

  • Kirtan and Mantra practice in individual and group setting, 

  • Overtone practice 

  • Soundbaths, 

  • Individual classes on playing the Harmonium, 

  • Classical Indian singing and Raga practice, 

  • Vocal exploration, experimenting with voice,

  • ....


If you want to join our offerings or if you’re looking for private guidance or tuitions don’t hesitate to get in touch. 

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