What is Experimental Kirtan?

Experimental Kirtan Freiburg is a Kirtan Project started by Eshaan and Radha. Our compositions of bhajans and mantras have an experimental approach - a fusion of classical (indian) instruments, structures and patterns and modern devices and sounds.

Kirtan is an ancient practice of listening and singing certain sounds to connect with the divine. The word “kirtan” comes from a Sanskrit root that means “to cut through” - cutting through the idea of separation, to connect with our real being and to this very moment through sound.

Experimental Kirtan Events 


Experimental Kirtan Events are not just an activity of chanting, singing and dancing. It is a process that initiates with the attention of all your senses. A process that helps you move close to your centre to receive the unknown and to let it express itself through sound, movements and all that is beyond ordinary language.


The main ingredient of Experimental Kirtan is not what you are singing and how you are singing but your attention and how present you are to the happening. That's when we allow the higher to sing and dance through us.

About Radha and Eshaan


Eshaan has his roots in northern India, where he grew up naturally indulged in music and ancient spiritual practices. 

He has been intensively working and offering workshops, individual and group sessions to learn and understand the ancient sound based yogic practices of the east to witness and experience life, pure and undistorted.

Before moving to Germany in 2018, he was teaching students of all ages in various instruments, classical Indian singing as well as western music. He has also been sharing his spiritual insight and guidance on the path of self-realisation, leading groups and teaching in individual setting.


Eshaan is founder of „Awakened Sounds Studio“, located in the heart of Freiburg, where he coaches and supports uprising musicians on their musical journey and records, produces and composes on commission. He also composes and performs as a solo artist and in various projects and formations.


Radha is co-founder, singer and musician of the Kirtan band “Experimental Kirtan Freiburg“.  She also works as a freelance artist and painter and facilitates workshops on meditativeness and feminine embodiment, based in Freiburg, Germany. 


With her background as a social education worker (MA) she has been sharing her passion and skills amongst children and adolescents in various projects and educational institutions in Germany, Switzerland and India.


Radha has specialised her work on supporting girls and women in challenging and transformational life circumstances and through her own intense Sadhana and under the guidance of her master she now shares her experiences with other women on the path of self realisation. Therefore she founded the „Shakti Yantra“ - a space for women to experience the divine feminine and beyond.


Radha and Eshaan travel, work and live between Europe and India. Currently they are based in Freiburg. Together they have one son.